My gardens, part one – The “Yard”

North side

North side

So I don’t really have a typical yard since I live in a townhouse. It is more of a fenced patio with beds on either side of a concrete slab. The north side is really sunny, good for veggies. I already have lettuce, spinach, beets, parsley, radishes, and carrots growing. The seem pretty happy especially the spinach which the dogs keep fertilizing for me, Yum! Needless to say I won’t be eating the spinach. Also, Jasmine likes to sit on it while I am trying to pull weeds because, clearly, me kneeling down means it is dog petting time. It is an ugly variety anyway. I had never seen this cultivar, ‘Bordeaux’, before but it was in several catalogs this year. What is supposed to be cool about is that it has red stems. It just looks pretty weedy to me though. The leaves are really flat and shaped like dandelion leaves. If it had normal spinach leaves I would probably like it. I’ve started a bunch of seeds too, as you can see. More about that later. I’m a little obsessed.

South side

South side

The south side of the yard is pretty shady. It already has a rose bush that I should have pruned way back a couple of months ago but didn’t and now I don’t have the heart to since it has buds on it. Oh well, I will prune after it blooms. There is also something that I’m pretty sure is a grapevine, where it came from I have no idea. It isn’t very big, only a foot tall. I will have brush up my grape pruning skills. In the blue pot is a dwarf peach tree that is only supposed to grow eight to ten feet tall. I’m not sure where I will put it yet. To fill in the rest of the space I have a few shade, part-shade perennials

Front yard

Front yard

The front of my yard, by the steps is a bed, edged in limestone. The main features are three phlox plants that were amazing for nearly six weeks. Now that they are done blooming I plan on trimming them back so that I can take up all the mulch and remove the decaying weed block cloth underneath since it is no longer doing its job. Also I like to plant annuals that reseed themselves in spite of the fact that I HATE WEEDING. Nonsensical, I know.


2 thoughts on “My gardens, part one – The “Yard”

  1. This is all good and well, but where will the grill be located so that I can come over and have crazy cookouts? This is important because I like to have parties and I mean complete blow-outs, man!

  2. You are welcome to come over and grill me some dinner anytime. I do reserve the right to throw a beer can at you if you get out of hand.

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