Only 10 tomato plants?!!! Why that’s crazy talk!!!

I grow tomato plants for my parents’ garden every year so a couple of months ago I asked them, “How many tomatoes do you want to grow in your garden this year?” And they said, “Ten”. And I said, “ok”. What I was really thinking was: Ten?! Seriously?! Are you kidding me!? Only TEN?!!! You are so totally growing more than ten tomato plants. Because I am so totally going start at least 20 different varieties of tomatoes and you have to have AT LEAST one of each variety because tomatoes are awesome AND amazing!

Yes, not only do I love tomatoes but I love growing them. They grow like weeds around here, big tasty weeds, in shades of orange, yellow, red, green, and brown. Let’s not forget the stripey, that’s a color too. I ended up starting 24 different cultivars. I finally potted up the seedlings into bigger pots yesterday. (Yes, I know I’m a little behind, this blog ought to be called the procrastinating gardener.) They should be ready to set out in the garden in 7-10 days. I ended up with 172 plants. My parents are getting at least 24 of them and I will plant some in my garden and I guess I will give the rest away to unsuspecting people who think that tomatoes are always red and circlish.

Here’s what they looked like before I potted them up:

Does this look like only ten tomato plants? Um, no.

Does this look like only ten tomato plants? Um, no.


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