Townhouse yard update – May 18 to 24, 2009

New bok choi, Potted up tomato plants

New bok choi, Potted up tomato plants

Last week I pulled the dog fertilized spinach and the radishes. The radishes were incredibly disappointing, this is the first time I’ve ever grown a poor crop of radishes. Maybe my green thumb is failing me or maybe I just didn’t water enough cause the soil was incredibly dry and hard. It seemed like decent soil when I dug it up in March. Oh well, I don’t like radishes much anyway. I mainly grow them cause they’re easy and pretty. In place of the spinach and radishes I planted three cultivars of bok choi, broccoli raab, and one chinese cabbage. Perhaps they will fare better than the radishes, I will try harder at the watering which is kind of a pain. I have no outdoor faucet in the back so I have to fill up watering cans in the kitchen.

Surprise! Pretty red roses

Surprise! Pretty red roses

One cool surprise was the rose bush. It is very top heavy since I didn’t prune it when I should’ve but the blooms are beautiful. I’ll cut it back once the petals are gone so it will bush out.

Hopefully I have time to plant my cherry tomatoes tonight, I really need to get all of my tomato plants in the ground very soon.

UPDATE – June 1: I planted my cherry tomatoes along with Senecio confusus which is going to need a trellis to climb very soon. I also potted up a bunch of plants into pretty pots.

Most importantly, I DISCOVERED A FAUCET! Yippee! I won’t have to fill up watering cans in the kitchen sink any more. I just need to go buy a hose now . . .


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