Community garden plot – July 14, 2009

cucumber_cucinoGood news:
I planted a variety called ‘Cucino‘ that makes small cucumbers, with really thin skin, and they are delicious and producing a lot! My daughter loves them and so do my dogs. Yes, my dogs like cucumbers, they are strange pooches. The seed is expensive so I’m going to save some even though it is a hybrid and won’t be the same next year. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up with something even better! I can only hope.

The harvest:

As you can see, I also took a cutting from my neighbor’s super-prolific (and thornless!) blackberry bushes.

The plants with flowers and a little ant:

Scarlet runner beans!

They are beautiful but the refuse to make any beans! I guess other people at the garden are having the same problem with their pole beans.



Bad news:

Besides no beaners, weeds and MORE weeds! I cannot get out there enough to keep everything under control. Also, about half of my tomato plants look like crap but that is my fault. I have not fertilized them. Gardening at my parents’ spoiled me, I never had to fertilize there, my dad dumped cow manure all over the garden whenever he cleaned pens or his trailer.

I’m contemplating whether or not I should keep this garden next year. I don’t feel like I have enough time for it but I got a really late start this year. If I started earlier maybe it would be easier to keep things orderly. Maybe? I don’t know. I have a lot of ideas for it. It would be cool to make a sunflower house for my daughter to sit in. It is full sun and she complains. If she had a nice, shady area to play in, it wouldn’t feel like such a hassle to go out there and garden because now I end up spending half my time trying to get her to stop whining. I could make it a really big sunflower house and just mulch it really well and then I wouldn’t have so much space to deal with. I think that is my main problem, my garden plot is too big for the time I have available. I need a plot that is half the size I have now. Or I could plant some dwarf peach trees. Hmmmmmmmmm, peaches. Peaches sound really good.


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