Townhouse yard update – July 16, 2009

I finished planting everything I have to plant in the backyard of my townhouse. Everything looks pretty good especially the peach tree! The south side will be mostly ornamentals with the exception of the peach and the grape vine. I started at the west end of the bed which is pretty shady. I don’t have the $$ to fill the whole bed this year but I have added a peony, a mini hosta, a heuchera, and Alchemilla mollis, one of my favorite plants. I’m gonna dig up some naked ladies (or surprise lilies, but I personally prefer to call them naked ladies) from my parents yard and plant some bulbs in the fall. Hopefully, I can find some time to start perennial seed this winter so I will have plenty to plant next spring. I’m not rose obsessed but I’ve realized that this is a great place to grow roses cause the AC fan blows across this bed, preventing disease.



The north side has my cherry tomatoes and pepper plants along with a bunch of gomphrena that I just planted. I’m planting a lot of herbs because the cost of fresh herbs in the grocery store makes me choke. There are a lot of recipes (pesto, yummmmmmmmmm) that I don’t make because the recipe needs fresh herbs but soon that will no longer be a problem. I have parsley, chives, thyme, mint, lemon verbena, and rosemary. I’ve also started basil and oregano from seed. I think there are a few others that I need (cilantro!) so I will add them as I remember them.



Some herbs:


Some pots:


I haven’t made any progress on the bed in the front. I have some clematis to plant there but have not found any affordable trellises for them to grow on yet. I don’t know what to do about it, maybe I will find some on the Internet.


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