New recipe of the week – Beef stuffed acorn squash

beef_stuffed_acorn_squashI like squash recipes that don’t contain the word “pie” to be savory, this rule is for sweet potatoes also. No marshmallows, no maple syrup, please. I have an acorn squash from my parents’ garden and I found this recipe for Beef-Stuffed Acorn Squash from taste of home. What is even better? I already have all of the ingredients for it which is awesome cause I’m trying to avoid the grocery store till payday on Friday. I don’t know about other people but walking into a grocery store for a gallon of milk always costs me ~$30. The food just cries out to me, “Buy MEEEEEEEE!” I don’t want to deprive any delicious strawberries from fulfilling their purpose in life, so, ya know, I end up $30 poorer, but strawberry rich.

This recipe took FOREVER and I didn’t like it that much. I’ve never really liked acorn squash and I thought, “If only I found the right recipe, that would change.” Wrong, still don’t like acorn squash. From now on I’m sticking to squash I DO like: Spaghetti, zucchini, pumpkins, yellow squash. The beef filling was really yummy, I ate about half of it before the squash was even done baking. Also I used about 3x as much cheese as the recipe. So not that great, on the upside . . .

The first tomato of the season

first tomatoFrom my parents’ garden. On warm pita bread with Alouette spreadable cheese and fresh parsley. It was delicious.


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