Before the freeze

It is going to be unreasonably cold tonight. It is supposed to get down to 25. Normally the first frost is October 15th and it is never this cold. I picked the last of the fall beans from the community garden plot last night. Here are some parting shots of my backyard:





And a dead tomato plant at my parents house that looks like on of those eggplants that look like pumpkins on a stick. That was a mouthful. It is a variety called ‘Red Star’. I don’t like it very much but it looks cool in this picture.


Hello, cold!


One thought on “Before the freeze

  1. Hi Livia- Thanks for stopping by my blog, smallgoatgarden, and leaving a comment. I too live in an agricultural area and see the small farmers struggling all the time. I also see them add growth hormone pills to ears of cattle that will be eaten later. Not legal but common practice. I did watch Food inc. and know that most documentaries like this sensationalize anything that they want to talk about. I only wished to encourage more people to be aware that overly processed food is killing America. Folks like you dad aren’t the ones processing food to an unrecognizable state and what happens to it after it leaves his ranch is not his doing. But I do believe that everyone needs to take a deeper look at where their food comes from, how it was raised and finally how it was processed. If you haven’t seen that movie maybe it’s available on Netflix? I think it will make more people want to buy from the smaller farmer and not the national chain food processors. Maybe it will be good for your Dad’s business. I know I will only buy locally from small farmers or raise it myself from here on out. Thanks again, I had hoped not to offend anyone with my take on the movie, just encourage more to take notice.

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