December 7 – When weeds become Christmas trees

I  just found out about the December Photo Project from my friend Christy. I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to blog this fall so maybe this will help. It is just supposed to be pictures from December but I may throw in some from September-November too that I should’ve posted, ya know, in a timely fashion. If I’m good for one thing its procrastinating. Here’s my first picture:

We put up the Christmas tree at my parents’ house yesterday. Usually they have a pine tree from a Christmas tree farm but the roads were a bit iffy and no one wanted to drive so they went out into the pasture and cut down a redcedar. Redcedar’s are prolific to the point of being noxious but they make nice Christmas trees. Before I was born my parents had a tumbleweed as a Christmas tree one year and a giant dried sunflower “bush” another year. They were living in northeast Colorado at the time. You gotta get creative when you live without trees.

Then gymnastics ensued:


2 thoughts on “December 7 – When weeds become Christmas trees

  1. Yay! It will be fun to read your blog each day. Last year I did the photo project hoping that I would keep it up for the rest of the year. I think I wrote in my blog a handful of times… Maybe this year will be different! I love your parents’ Christmas tree. Justin’s parents did the same thing last year for the same exact reason.

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