December 21 – Sad parsley

One of my gardening goals this winter was to keep parsley alive and edible, outside, all winter. November was warmish and lulled me into believing that I might actually be able to pull it off. Now, I’m not so sure. Before the cold weather hit, I covered the parsley up with a towel, then there was some freezing rain, next, eight inches of snow. The snow is gone and the towel removed, the parsley looks sad now and also pooped upon. Thanks, doggies! We will see if it recovers. Due to sneaky November I didn’t even cut any for myself, I just assumed it would keep truckin along in the cool, but not, cold weather. Foolishness, I say! FOOLISHNESS! I’m a foolish gardener.

Also, I’m a delusional gardener. I was going to try to keep some petunia plants alive through the winter too. HA! I just keep remembering that ONE winter, way back when, that my roommate kept passionflower vines (yes, plural) alive, in the ground, outdoors. In Omaha. OMAHA. One of those winters is gonna happen again someday and me and my parsley, we’ll be ready.


One thought on “December 21 – Sad parsley

  1. i hope my asparagus is okay… actually this is probably the winter it has been waiting for! it snowed in october when we had H1N1 and we didnt even get our garden cleaned up! oh, holy work this spring!

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