I’ve been trying to restrain myself. I will not plant too many seeds. I will not order too many seeds. I already have too many seeds so I will give some away. This is hard. I’m very attached to my seed collection.

So I’ve come up with a plan. I’m only planting seeds into the pots they will grow in ’til planted in the ground so I don’t have to find time to pot them up.* I’m not ordering from too many seeds catalog.** I’m only planting seeds that are easy to grow, nothing that will still be sitting in my kitchen in September.*

Is this a cure to my addiction? Maybe.

So here’s my beginning:

FYI: That silly dolphin watering can? Excellent for watering tiny seedlings.

* For the most part

** Which means three instead of ten 🙂


2 thoughts on “Seeds

  1. you never have too many seeds, just too little time and places to grow the plants. good luck with your addiction. maybe if you grew the right kind of seeds you could get yourself a new addiction and forget about this one? peace

    • Haha! One day I’ll find the right kind of seeds, then I’ll stop looking. Of course, there are always new discoveries, and they must be tried too. So goes the addiction . . .

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