Konza Prairie Sunset

Warmer weather and the geese head north

Partially burnt

The sunset never fails to amaze me

Even with a crappy camera

And a crappier photographer

Uncommon peace, for a little while


One thought on “Konza Prairie Sunset

  1. I live by a large park here in Nebraska. Park has many ponds. Every evening at dusk hords and hords of geese patrol the sky coming back from gorging themselves in the cornfields. I swear every day there are hundreds more overhead as the air warms adn the winds come from the south. I like standing outside, looking for crocus leaves, then suddenly a low V formation comes overhead. You can HEAR their wings pushing and pulling in the air, a chorus of heaving and propulsion. Heaven. Bliss. Glory. (And as an aside, I grow 8 different cultivars / species of asclepias–give me monarchs or give me death!)

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