Easter odds and ends

Here are a few odds and ends from Easter, no egg hunting pictures, though eggs were hunted. Oh yes, those eggs got hunteded.

Here’s N in her Easter dress with my mom. It is a very special dress, my grandmother made it for my mom when she was a little girl. Grandmother passed away last October. She made a lot of her three daughters’ clothes when they were young. She would go to expensive children’s stores and look at the beautiful dresses, then she would go sit in her car and sketch them. When she got home she would make their dresses from the sketches. This is one of those dresses. My mom had to put new buttons on it. Grandmother would cut the buttons off a dress when it became to small and use the buttons for the next dress she made. I think this is the only one of the dresses she made for her daughters that still exists. I should take some close-ups of the dress, the details of it are really amazing.

When the vinca blooms around here it is time to go morel mushroom hunted so that is what we did. Unfortunately the vinca LIED! Or we are terrible mushroom hunters. This little forest is right across the road from my parents’ house. It is mostly cottonwood trees, with a spring running through. There is a lot of leaf litter and fallen limbs, great for morels.

Looking up at cottonwood branches, it seems like they were more leafed out the last time we hunted and found morels here, a couple of years ago.

Then we went to check cows, it was nearly sunset.

Two of my parents’ dogs, Priscilla and Skippy, came along with us. Skippy, the little terrier, flushed rabbits. Priscilla just trotted around. She is fourteen and arthritic but when she gets out in the pasture the obvious stiffness of her joints seems to disappear.

The end


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