Garden update – Mid-April 2010

At my parents:

My dad plowed the snow, which was considerable, from the driveway on top of the flower garden all winter. I was worried that some plants wouldn’t make it since they stayed wet as the snow melted. This salvia in particular I worried about but they came through fine. They remain on my top 10 list of perennials.

Salvia ‘Artemis’

Lovely daffodils, I’m not sure what cultivar, they were a part of a mixture I bought several years ago.

Townhouse yard:

Flowers! Flowers! All over my peach tree! I’m very excited though I haven’t seen many pollinators buzzing about.

The peony and hosta I planted last year didn’t make it but this heuchera seems very happy.

Heuchera ‘Tiramisu’

Community garden plot

The de-weeded part is planted to a variety of things. Lettuce, parsley, carrots, radishes, peas, etc. In alphabetical order, no less, cause I forgot to bring a Sharpie to write on my row markers. 🙂 They would be growing more if I went out there and watered more often. I always just wait for rain.

The other part of the plot? Ugh. I hoed it up by hand, I really need to till it. This area will become beans and tomatoes and a sunflower house that I promised my daughter.


2 thoughts on “Garden update – Mid-April 2010

    • I’ll email you about the community garden. A sunflower house is basically a bunch of sunflowers planted in a square, a “house”. Once the sunflowers are tall, they create a lot of shade, a cool place for a kid to play in the garden.

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