Catching Fire

April is the range burning season where I live. They burn the prairie to kill the trees so it will stay prairie. I take pictures while driving, or look in my review mirror at my daughter, or eat really messy food, or spill things, or nearly fall asleep, or shave my legs *kidding*  These pictures were taken in mid-April while I drove south through the Flint Hills then back north a couple days later.

Black and tan

Flint Hills fire

Black and blue

Flint Hills fire

The sky really is blue. Somewhere. Up there.

Flint Hills fire

But not down here. Cough.

Flint Hills fire

This is what I imagine THE Road, in The Road by Cormac McCarthy, looking like. Yikes.

Flint Hills fire

Flint Hills fire

EEK! Right by the road. I could feel the heat inside of the car.

Flint Hills fire

Burning pasture is hard work so people work together. My dad helps some neighbors burn pasture then they return the favor and help him. Here’s one of the pastures they burned in late April.

Flint Hills fire

Flint Hills fire

Another very important aspect of burning pasture is driving white Fords 😉

The smoke makes for some pretty sunsets

Flint Hills sunset


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