Garden update – Mid-May 2010

Good news: So that’s the community garden plot, it looks great, makes me very happy. The “square” in the back is the soon-to-be sunflower house. N planted a row of flowers in front of the “house” just like our real house. Even though the flower bed in front of the real house is an awful, weedy mess.

Bad news: We were harassed by an uber-creeeeeeeeeeeepy lurker while gardening there on Saturday. I have not been this creeped out by someone in, oh, I don’t know, fifteen years? I’m not going back there without another adult and I will call the police if I see him again.  Ugh.

Onto the garden in my backyard . . .

I was out-of-town at a conference last week and it rained for much of the week. The garden looked great. Also the volunteer tomato and tree seedlings look fantastic! I will have to do a lot of weeding very soon before they get out of control.

Brassicas in the yard

My violas are still growing strong, they usually would have pooped out by now from the heat. They are crowding out all of the swiss chard seedlings.

A bigger view of my viola/swiss chard pot and a few other pots.

Lavender and violas

My year old peach tree looks better than I ever expected for being only a year old.

Dwarf peach

And baby peaches!

Baby peaches


3 thoughts on “Garden update – Mid-May 2010

  1. Baby peaches! How awesome!

    And give me a call when you go out to your plot next – I can be very intimidating when I want to be and can out-creep your creeper. 🙂

    • I will let you know! We will probably go out there on Saturday morning unless the weather is bad. Luckily the community garden board sent out an email about this guy so people are more aware and know that they should call the police. This creepy guy seems to only want to talk to women who are gardening by themselves, imagine that! It makes me so mad that he is out there making women uncomfortable.

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