I love Tradescantia ‘Red Grape’

Tradescantia ‘Red Grape’ is one of my favorite plants that I planted in my parents’ yard. It is very tough and there are several native species of Tradescantia or spiderwort in Kansas. My favorite of the Kansas species is Tharp’s spiderwort.

Tradescantia Red Grape

I really love this shade of reddish-purple.

Tradescantia Red Grape

Sunday, when I took these pictures, it had just rained. Water droplets on the flowers and foliage of this spiderwort look really cool!

Tradescantia Red Grape


Tradescantia Red Grape


4 thoughts on “I love Tradescantia ‘Red Grape’

  1. Wowee is right;-) It’s a lovely one! I have some planted (got them recently from a blogging friend when we visited for the first time!) and it’s my first year having them. Yours is a completely different variety than I’ve heard of. Now I’m going to be on the lookout! I see your feed is working at Blotanical now…thanks for faving my blog and letting me know!

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