Greens and sulfurs #3 – Perennial foxglove

Perennial foxglove (Digitalis grandiflora) has become one of my favorite plants. It is surprisingly tough. I started these beauties from seed about twelve years ago. I planted them in a nice shady spot in my parents yard since I figured they might not like Kansas heat very much. The next year my parents decided they wanted to plant grass in that area instead and moved them! Without my permission! To the most horrible spot in their yard! I was appalled. It is at the edge of their drive way, right by the concrete, half of the heavy, clay flower bed is pancaked from being run over all the time. The other side of the bed is one of the dogs digging spots. And it is HOT! I was sure they would be dead in no time. Twelve years later, they’re still alive, and looking great. Well, except for the one my mom accidentally weed-eated (ate?) last fall. It doesn’t look so swell. She’s almost as dangerous as my dad with a chain saw. Men should not be allowed out of the house, unsupervised,  with a chain saw. Especially if they have their eyes on that big, dead tree in the back yard. Consider yourself warned. And get out the yellow pages, cough up the dough, and call someone who knows what they’re doing.

Perennial foxgove

I got a bit off track there, back to the foxglove. There are 5 1/2 plants in this spot, all grown from seed, all a little different, which makes me love them more. They are all unique individuals. One has the best leaves, another the most prolific blooms, and shorty is the one who was beheaded last fall. 😦

perennial foxglove

The fact that they are thriving seems even more baffling once I read up about them. Perennial foxglove is native to the Great Lakes region. Surely the summers there are drastically different than they are here?


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