Though I make fun of my parents for cutting things down that they shouldn’t sometimes they DO cut the right things down. Their yard has this long tall hedge of shrubbery, mainly forsythia and fragrant sumac. Do you know how big forsythia and sumac will get if you don’t keep them under control?!! They are monsters. Anyway, last summer my parents did some work, and by work I mean chopping, on the monster hedge.  This year, what do they find? Cherries! Cherry bushes! Cherry bushes I had never seen before! I had to look them up, they are Nanking cherries (Prunus tomentosa).

Nanking cherry

The bushes aren’t that small, how could all of us have missed them for fifteen years? Maybe they had just been so overgrown by the monster shrubs that we never noticed them, they are quite orderly.

Nanking cherry

But see that bright red? How could we have missed these? What shall we do with all of the cherries, they are pretty tart? I vote for jam.

Nanking cherry

Also, these cherries live right below a cottonwood tree. I love cottonwood trees, except for all that cotton. 😉


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