Townhouse yard – July 15, 2010

This summer has been weird. It alternates between being “cool” (75-85 F) and very rainy and very hot and dry. Because it is sometimes cool and wet the plants aren’t ready for heat and lack of precipitation so they look very sad. Yesterday was wicked hot and humid, then last night the temperature dropped 30 degrees in a half hour and it stormed and rained. I took these pictures this morning, my camera lens kept fogging over from all the humidity so some of the pictures look very, um, let’s call this particular look “romantic”.

The back yard – South side

Townhouse yard

North side

Townhouse yard

Pots o stuff

Townhouse yard

Euphorbia and angeloniaIn another rain storm about a month ago my poor hanging basket of euphorbia and angelonia lost its moss. I had to transfer the plants to a pot and the basket is empty but the plants seem happy.

euphorbia and angelonia

This monstrosity is a wild grape vine and a “dwarf” peach. The wild grape just showed up. I want to keep it but I don’t think there is room. It is just too big. 😦 That allegedly dwarf peach is only supposed to grow to ten feet. After one year. ONE YEAR. It is nine feet. Grrr. At least it is happy.

Grape and peach

Rudbeckia ‘Cherry Brandy’

Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy'

The soil in my yard is not good, very heavy clay. Some plants do well, others don’t. Like broccoli, the broccoli does not look right, I’m just gonna let it flower, it will never be harvestable. Oh well, broccoli flowers are pretty. The parsley does well.Broccoli and parsley

Things hiding – An eggplant! I haven’t grown one of these in a while.

Purple eggplant

Things hiding – Morning glories, I have a feeling I’m going regret planting these.

Purple morning glory

The Front Yard

Here is what my neighbors’ front yards look like:

Townhouse yards

And here is mine:

Townhouse yard

Needs some work. The soil is awful and there is only late afternoon shade, only the strong will survive. This looks much better than it looked a month ago. It was all weeds, with the exception of the carpet phlox that have been there all along. I tidied things up and bought some tough,  1/2 price annuals. I should get some perennials, I do have a rose and a clematis to go in, but the basements where I live develop problems and then have to have their gardens dug up to fix them. I’m sure as soon as I start planting perennials, my basement will start leaking.


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