The past two and a half weeks

I was offered a new job! (At my current employer)

Accepted new job.

Went on vacation to Colorado.

Prepared for the beginning of the school year.

My daughter started kindergarten!

I started my new job!


Quite a time.  Hopefully I can get back to blogging soon. I haven’t done as much with my garden as I would have liked. Darn life, always getting in the way. 😉

Dianthus 'Amazon Neon Rose Magic'Anyway, I picked some pretty dianthus this weekend, it is called Amazon Neon Rose Magic, quite a mouthful. It is one of my favorite dianthus. It is a great cut flower and very pretty in the garden. Also, easy to grow from seed, if you can find it.


2 thoughts on “The past two and a half weeks

  1. So beautiful and I have so many special small containers for flowers left from raising three girls who loved to bring me flowers… If they are easy from seeds, I might try those in the spring.

  2. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

    Where did you visit in Colorado?

    It sounds like you have been busy! Congrats on your new job and your little one starting K.

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