Gardening without ponytail

My daughter and I went to our community garden plot a little over a week ago to clean things up. To entertain her I showed her how to use my digital camera. After a while she said, “It is beeping at me and won’t work!” I assumed the battery had run out. To my surprise, she had filled the whole memory card!

I also forgot to put my hair in a ponytail which was annoying. I felt like Cousin It but she thought it was really funny and took this picture . . .

gardening without ponytail

Here is what is left of the fall garden. Collards. Kohlrabi. Turnips. Lettuce. Also, parsley, but it is in another part of the garden.

Fall garden

She took some decent pictures of other people’s garden also. Here are some lovely asparagus plants in a neighbor’s garden. Their fall color is terrific. I think I’m going to plant some in my back yard next year though it will be years before the plants look like this.

Fall asparagus

Happy Thanksgiving!


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