December 10 – Iskender kebap

There is a Turkish restaurant in Ogden, of all places? I just discovered this recently. My birthday is tomorrow so we ate there tonight. We couldn’t go on my actual birthday since my dad has to go to a cattle show which is definitely more important than my birthday. I hope the cattle appreciate my sacrifice. 🙂 I was an exchange student in Istanbul in high school so I expected to be disappointed by the food but it was good. I had Iskender kebap which is one of my favorites. Also, ayran, which I made everyone try but none of them seemed to enjoy as much as I. Ray corrects me, he liked it! I will stop here before I risk rambling . . .

Iskender kebap


3 thoughts on “December 10 – Iskender kebap

  1. I recall that you went to Turkey when you were in HS but I didn’t know it was Istanbul. I went there a few years ago, and the food is SO GOOD! I will have to check out this place in Ogden next time I am in the area!

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