December 12 – Christmas pageant

I went to my parents’ church’s Christmas pageant tonight. My dad was the bailiff, my mom was Dr. Fruitcake and my daughter was the color brown. She had to say a little poem about the color brown, she actually memorized it, I was impressed. Oh, she was also an angel, a nose-picking angel. I tried not to giggle too loud. I have a problem with that, laughing at children when I should have a stern glare instead.


2 thoughts on “December 12 – Christmas pageant

  1. Was she the only nose picking angel? If everyone does it then it’s cool a fad rather than a hilarious story to tell every Christmas once she becomes a teenager.

    • She was the only nose-picking angel. I guess that makes her cool, especially when she wiped the booger on the chair she was sitting in. She conveniently did this when the self-righteous, holier-than-thou guy in my parents’ church was singing a solo.

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