December 16 – Rosemary tree

My rosemary is now our Christmas tree! I don’t have many Christmas decorations so we went to the store and found some small, light ones to put on our tree. We used some ribbon as garland but I forgot to put on lights, oh well. Who needs Christmas lights? Kiddo did most of the decorating herself. The glass decorations are fragile and she asked me to open the box so she wouldn’t rip the box up. The conversation went something like this:

kiddo: Can you open this box?

me: Yes, let me open the box, so you don’t tear it. We should save it so we can put them back in the box since they are breakable.

kiddo: I KNOW, mom, that’s why I asked YOU to open the box

Well, clearly, she’s got everything under control.

Rosemary Christmas tree


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