The garden in December

Not much to see but I thought I’d stop by anyway. A few purple turnip tops poking through the soil. It is very dry, I’m glad I left some of the weeds and old mulch to protect the soil and keep a bit more moisture in the ground. I wish I had taken the time to mulch the garlic and shallots with some hay. The water is turned off until March so I can’t water them unless I haul water out to the garden. The weather was 65 and clear today, absolutely beautiful, except for the wind. The wind means we will pay for this nice day tomorrow. But maybe it will rain? Or snow? I’d even take freezing rain. We will see . . .

december community garden


2 thoughts on “The garden in December

  1. I haven’t picked them yet. When I do, if they’re too tough, I’ll give them to my dad to feed his cows. Thanks for the comment!

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