Wine box garden – Step Three

I debated for a while about drainage holes before I added potting soil. They do need drainage holes but I don’t have anywhere to put them at the moment where they won’t drain all over my kitchen floor. I was hoping I could just slice through the plastic in the seam between the cardboard flaps but these wine boxes are sturdy, the inner cardboard flaps go all the way across the bottom, if that makes any sense? So I decided against holes and am going to try not to overwater them. This might be wishful thinking. 🙂

I added my potting soil to the four boxes. One just part way full since I will be putting bulbs in it. A little water, not too much.

wine box garden

I order my bulbs when they are 50% off which means I get them late and don’t always plant them all in the ground in time. I’ve had a crisper drawer full of languishing bulbs since December. Now they are in a wine box! I had more than enough for just one wine box. In my investigations of the crisper drawer I discovered a camassia and allium that I hadn’t planted any of outdoors. Good thing I have a couple of extra wine boxes hidden away.

wine box garden bulbs

In the other three boxes I planted some of the fresh herbs I’ve been missing. I just mixed the seeds in the the soil a little and used the cardboard flaps as labels.

wine box garden herbs

All done! Time to watch them grow!


2 thoughts on “Wine box garden – Step Three

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