Red Feather Lakes

Over spring break we visited family in Colorado. We also decided to visit the town, Red Feather Lakes, where my grandparents owned a cabin when I was a kid. After my granddad retired from farming, they spent the summers at this cabin. Sometimes we would visit them all at once, my family plus all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. It did not seem like such a tiny cabin then, but it was. We climbed on the big pile of rocks near by that we all played on, the view from the top is terrific but I forgot to take my camera.


Another thing I didn’t realize as a child is that Red Feather Lakes is really windy! The temperature hovered around 40 but, MAN, did it seem cold! My daughter loves scrambling over rocks so she was really excited by all the boulders. They’re called the Rocky Mountains for a reason but Red Feather seems rockier than other parts of Colorado.

Also, there’s some snow left. Very convenient if you’re a six-year-old.

The rocks at Dowdy Lake where we used to camp.

dowdy lake

More Dowdy Lake rocks. My brother apparently has the same stride as big foot.

dowdy lake

My dad grew up on the Colorado plains so, of course, he has always had fantasies of being a cattle rancher in the mountains. He had to stop and take this picture. Look at all the mamas and babies! And the pretty red barns in the distance! The only thing that would make this scene better is if the cattle were Charolais. Cause Charolais is the best breed of cattle, dontcha know?

mountain ranch


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