Wine box gardening FAIL

I knew that it could rain last night but I forgot to bring in the wine boxes that were sitting outside. The wine boxes WITHOUT drainage holes. Not a good plan. I was going to write about how cilantro and parsley can be difficult to tell apart without smelling them but now I’m writing about how I’m a neglectful gardener instead. It rained a lot but the plants were not nearly as flooded as I expected. The wine boxes are toast though, maybe wet lasagna noodles would be a better way of putting it. And I can still barely tell them apart, I should not have put them in boxes of the same color. I think I will just put them into pots now for the summer. I’m thinking that wine box gardening is more of a winter activity. I have some more ideas for this experiment of mine . . .

bota box parsley cilantro


One thought on “Wine box gardening FAIL

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