UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

I took a trip to California over a month ago now. I had the opportunity to visit the UC-Berkeley Botanical Garden which is awesome and amazing. They had a special event that night and had to close early so I did not get to explore as long as I would have liked. On the upside, I had forgotten to wear sunscreen or bring a bottle of water so I didn’t get too burnt or dehydrated. I saw lots of unfamiliar plants which doesn’t happen very often. Here is a sampling of what I saw . . .

California poppies! One of my favorite flowers.

california poppy

Giant coreopsis (who knew?!), a California native

giant coreopsis

Giant blue-eyed grass?!

giant blue eyed grass

More awesome and amazing! I had never seen anything like this before. I had to take a lot of pictures. It is a puya.


Look at that crazy shade of blue!


And closer

puya flowers

And on the ground

puya flower

What is this? I don’t know. I did a bunch of unsuccessful Googling. The flowers look a bit like lapageria but it definitely isn’t.

pink trumpet flower



An interesting tree

UC Berkeley garden Asian collection


UC Berkeley garden

Another plant I don’t know

UC Berkeley garden South African collection

A panorama of the South African section of the garden

UC Berkeley garden South African collection

Further adventures in California soon to come . . .


4 thoughts on “UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

  1. Did you ever find out what the pink trumpet shaped flower is above. I am trying to identify it and just wonder if you did?

    • Hi. I have this pink trumpet flowered plant and the name I found is Cantua Buxifolia ”Sacred Flower of the Andes”.

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  3. Hello! I happened upon your website & I think the plant you ID’d as “lapageria” is actually Zauschneria calfornica – the native California fushia. They are both gorgeous & easy to grow – at least in Cali!

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