Ruth Bancroft Garden

Here’s a bit more from our California trip. We visited The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek. It was a hot, sunny day which seemed very appropriate since this garden features cacti and succulents. There were lots of cute little cacti.


orange cactus


red cactus


yellow cactus

And great big cacti too. I have know idea what that plant with the purple flowers is.

cacti purple flowers

A cute cactus in a palm tree

cactus in palm tree

Agave spike

succulent spike

Agave spike!

agave flower spike

Man-eating agave!

man-eating agave

(My boyfriend is very tolerant)

Bright, blinding, ice plant!?

pink ice plant

Gaillardia, I believe?

yellow gazania

Brains! Brains! Brains!

pink brain succulent

Not brains. Aloes, perhaps?

ruth bancroft garden

A panorama of the garden

ruth bancroft garden

I really enjoyed this garden. I’ve often fantasized about having a succulent and cacti garden. I’d don’t live in a place where this is feasible, too much clay and rain. They have tons of awesome pictures, much better than mine, on flickr.


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