Looking better

My garden is finally shaping up. It looked hideous a couple of weeks ago. I weeded and mulched and watered.

community garden june

Luckily, I was also able to do some harvesting. I have my own garlic scapes and garlic for the first time. And peas, lettuce, strawberries, cilantro. I haven’t tasted the lettuce yet. I hope it hasn’t turned bitter yet.

garlic scapes

Maybe I can stay on top of things now though I have more traveling to do yet this summer.


2 thoughts on “Looking better

  1. What!?!!!!! You have garlic scapes? The thing at the left lower corner? How did you do it? I love that thing but I can’t find in supermarket here. I tried to grow garlic but I only got leaves. Move to Fort Collins so I can visit your garden often. – Yongli

  2. I grew two varieties of garlic. Only one has had scapes so far. Maybe you could try a different variety? How do you usually cook them?

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