Gardens around town in Berkeley

Here’s my last post from my trip to California back in April and May. I’m sure I totally looked like a tourist while I was in Berkeley. The front yards were gorgeous and they have so many plants that won’t grow here or won’t grow as well here. There were lots of California poppies, one of my all-time favorite plants, here’s a yellow one.

yellow california poppy

I think this is an erigeron, I don’t really remember, but I it will not grow here. I’ve loved this plant since I was a child and tried growing it many times when I was young, it failed every time. It was all over the place in Berkeley.


Valerian – It does grow in Kansas but it never looks this nice.


The view of the garden out the front window of the house we stayed in. Incidentally, I ran across this blog about yards in Berkeley a few days ago. The pictures are much better than mine. It makes me want to try harder to make my yard beautiful.

berkeley garden

Climbing asparagus “fern”

asparagus vine

Jasmine was everywhere


Calla lilies too

white calla lily fly

And then there were the roses. I’m always jealous when I see California garden bloggers’ rose pictures. Roses do not look like this in Kansas. At least I was able to see a few in person.

roses in california

I’m not an expert in rose cultivars so I say this one’s name is ‘Apricot’.

apricot rose


yellow rose

‘Pink and Yellow Bicolor’

pink yellow bicolor rose

That’s all for my trip to California. Hopefully I can post about the trip I took at the end of May soon.


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