Mammoth Hot Springs

I’ve traveled so much in the past two months it is hard to keep up with life and writing this blog. I had a three-day break between two conferences at the end of May and since one of the conferences was in Bozeman I decided to visit Yellowstone. I stayed in the hotel at Mammoth Hot Springs. Here’s the view out my window. It rained most of the time I was in Montana and Wyoming with low clouds filling the sky.

mammoth hot springs

Mammoth Hot Springs

mammoth hot spring

It is such an eerie landscape in cool, overcast weather. Steam from the hot springs and mist from the sky.

mammoth hot springs

The formations in the travertine.

mammoth hot springs


mammoth hot springs

Somewhere at the end of the world

mammoth hot springs

I’ve traveled more since this trip and will be traveling again soon so there is more to come . . .


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