All the blogs I didn’t write . . .

No, I’m not trying at being romantic. I’m not trying at all. I’ve been not trying at blog-writing for quite a while now. So here’s a bit of trying for you. The blogs I meant to write (I really, truly meant to) but didn’t . . .

The one about planting a fall potato crop. (A total failure.)

fall seed potatoes

The one about the pretty eggplant I grew in my garden. (A success!)

eggplant prosperosa

The one about the nasty storm we drove through and the bow-less rainbow that followed it. (WORST HAIL EVER! We could not even see the lines on the road. We all thought the car was toast.)

western kansas rainbow

The one about vacationing in Colorado.

Ouzel Falls

The one about my personal insect zoo. (The zoo that ate all my parsley but, really, I don’t mind cause the butterflies turn out so pretty.)

caterpillars on parsley

The one about my moonflower vine. (It finally bloomed!)



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