Remembering 2011 – Part One

Things not posted throughout the year . . .


My daughter sledding with her favorite kitty Fuzzy aka Wuzzy

It was a bad winter to be born for my dad’s calves, he lost a couple to the weather. He would bring the newborns in and set them in the calf warmer (the blue thing) to keep them from freezing. It was a lot of fun for my daughter and the dogs but not so much fun for my dad or the calves mommas.

Carolaiscalf in calf warmer


My daughter’s art was displayed at the museum.She was really proud!

Driving up my parents’ drive on a foggy winter day. Yes, I take pictures while I’m driving.

Flint Hills fog

A scene from a scary movie?

Flint Hills fog


I blogged everything I intended to blog in March (what a concept!) so I have nothing more to add about that month.


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