Remembering 2011 – Part two

Things not posted throughout the year, part two . . .


A visit to the bug zoo, notice where she has her money.

Species tulips match so nicely with the dandelions, I totally planned it that way 🙂

dandelions with a species tulip and pulsatilla

This was the most exciting day of my dog Pepper’s life. A young squirrel with a death wish kept fearlessly running back and forth across the top of the fence taunting her all afternoon. He definitely wasn’t the world’s most coordinated squirrel, he looked like he was going to fall every single time. During one of his “breaks” he stood right on the other side of the fence with his tail flopped over the top, chattering away. I totally missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pull a squirrel’s tail, instead I took a picture.

I missed my only chance to pull squirrel's tail


Flint Hills rock, not long after a burn

Flint Hills rock

Take my picture, mom!


This was a sad day. We went on a hike at Konza Prairie and noticed that the oldest tree there, an oak, had died. It was ~150 years old.

Old konza prairie oak tree

Waiting in line for the Lime Truck during The Great Food Truck Race.

Look at all those people!

Lime truck from the Great Food Truck Race

For Mother’s Day. It is a picture of the two of us, our dogs and some baby birdies.

More pictures from Yellowsone. This is one of the paint pots.

yellowstone paint pot

Yellowstone on a lovely day.


My parents had several visitors to their place. Ultimately, they escorted two raccoons and three opossums off the property.



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