Remembering 2011 – Part Three

Things not posted throughout the year, part three . . .


Two front teeth?

Her first try at soccer, she loved it!

I visited New Orleans for a conference, we ate at Antoine’s. This was my dessert. I love custards!

antoines caramel custard

Coffee at Antoine’s, I didn’t have any but it was sure fun to watch them make it.

Antoines Cafe Brulot Diabolique

St. Louis Cemetary #1, it is about to storm.

st louis cemetary #1 storm

Here is an oleander in the cemetery, it is one of the many southern plants that I miss.

st louis cemetary #1 storm

Rain lilies, such a nice surprise!

rain lilies

I also adore crepe myrtles.

fuchsia crepe myrtle

Some cultivars will make it through the winter where I live but they die back to the ground, never developing the beautiful bark that you see on older crape myrtles.

fuchsia crepe myrtle

Just a post rain storm picture that I like.

New Orleans walkway

The sunflower house in my community garden plot. It turned out well but my daughter wouldn’t go in it because there were too many bees. What kind of nonsense is that? Too many bees?! I’ve failed as a mother.



I didn’t take many pictures in July so there’s really nothing more to say.


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