Remembering 2011 – Part Four

Things not posted throughout the year, part four . . .


Here’s my townhouse yard in early August. Lots of leaves, not many flowers.

townhouse yard august 2011

“Cooking” ice cubes. We took advantage of the curiously cheap organic raspberries ($1 a box!!) to make raspberry mint cubes. They were great in water or lemonade.

The Supertunia petunias I bought as an Easter gift for my parents.

supertunia petunia

After years of not being able to use their front door, my parents have a new deck!

new deck

The railing is old wrought iron from my great-grandparents farm.

wrough iron railing

Priscilla and Skippy are having a good day.

dog buddies

Best buddies.

dog buddies


The community garden at sunrise.

Interesting objects in a garden.

found objects in the garden

Dewy asparagus

dew on asparagus

dew on asparagus

When I run out of money, make the kid play for some change.

(That’s a joke for you humor-free folks.)

This is what happens when you are too busy to garden and ignore your watermelon, they explode! KABOOM! Five of ’em! I never have to buy watermelon seed again. I’m sure they’ll be coming up all over everywhere next summer.

watermelon disaster

Finally, some flowers in my back yard. They took forever and a day, yeesh!

orange flowers

And the Chilly Chilis finally have fruit!

Chilly Chili ornamental pepper

My pots never turn out quite like I planned them. I should know better by now, alternanthera (the purple-leaf monster) is a giant.

flower pot with alternanthera, vinca, phlox, and that yellow flower, ya know, that one


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