Remember 2011 – Part Five

Things not posted throughout the year, part five . . .


My daughter’s heifer had her baby calf. They did seem to want to go out to the pasture for a few days.

charolais cow and calf

Look what my art class made!

Crazy hair day

We drove out into the pasture for no particular reason. The cows were curious so they followed but the grass was tall and we were faster. They haven’t yet figured out where we went.

charolais in the flint hills

“Aha! There they are! We will investigate. They might have something tasty for us.”

charolais cows in the flint hills

“What are you doing? Do you have something to eat? Can I lick you?”

charolais cows in the flint hills

“Seriously. Can I lick you?”

charolais cows in the flint hills

My dad’s favorite dog, Zonkers, died. She was a corgi, his cow dog. Skippy was in his phase of trying to be a cow dog to take her place. He quickly realized that chasing bunnies and rats is more exciting and returned to terrorizing the local vermin. He is a terrier, after all, he can’t help himself. Sitting in the back window of the truck is probably the most fun part of being a cow dog for him.

cairn terrier

Halloween! This is my favorite picture from 2012. The dogs didn’t like the costumes but they loved the attention they received from everyone. They were the only dogs we saw trick-or-treating. More than one person, after gushing over the dogs said “oh, and you’re daughter is cute, too.”


I visited my boyfriend who lives in San Marcos, Texas. Since I’m a librarian, I had to visit the library at Texas State U. which had several pirate-themed displays. I also got in trouble for taking pictures in the gallery. Yea, me!

Pirates in the library

On the Texas State’s campus, beautiful baldcypress trees. My favorite tree.


My laundry-loving dog, Pepper, is having a great day. She has a laundry fort to nap in!

Pepper's laundry fort

Mmmmmmmmmm, laundry. Socks are good pillows.

Pepper loves laundry

The Flint Hills in the morning

Flint Hills Sunset


A few things I didn’t manage to post during December Photo Project.

First time at the skate rink this winter.

Christmas pageant. She stood like this the whole time, it was all I could do to keep from laughing.

The littlest angel and the littlest shepherd 🙂

littlest angel and shepherd

And that is it for 2011


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