My peach tree was very prolific this year. No, that isn’t a tennis ball the squirrel is holding.

peach vs squirrel

Squirrels like ripe peaches too but they never eat a whole one, wasteful little varmints. I didn’t get a picture of the neighbor children who stole peaches though I’m sure if one of them had broken an arm climbing into my back yard I would have heard from their parents.

peach vs squirrel

The peaches were huge and amazing. Amazingly, no tree limbs broke . . .


. . . though the tree made my yard look a mess.

peach tree

I can’t really complain too much.


My friend Diana let us pick peaches from her trees too. And, wow! That’s a lot of peaches.


I made these raspberry peach crostatas, they were lovely. The recipe is from Sara Foster’s Casual Cooking.

peach raspberry crostata


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